Aircraft Carriers and Tactical Bombers

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    • Aircraft Carriers and Tactical Bombers

      Should we add the ability for Tactical Bombers to land on Aircraft Carriers? 3
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      Being limited to Naval Bombers and Interceptors on Aircraft Carriers is restricting to the game and does not correctly represent real-life. For example the Doolittle Raid is a great example of Tactical Bombers on early aircraft carriers, and nowadays large planes and bombers always land on aircraft carriers. This addition will be very beneficial as ground attacks from carriers are more feasible, and players are not limited to only effectively attacking ships, and incoming interceptors. My suggestion is that higher level aircraft carriers (after level 3 or 4), are able to hold tactical bombers.
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      Dog Bombs.
      Manned kamikaze rockets.
      Giant railroad guns.
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    • As Restrisiko points out, simply research your tactical bombers to level 4 and they will have a tailhook added for carrier operations. Early versions are not suitable for the short runway landings and takeoffs.
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