The compulsory changing to the enhanced graphics

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    • comrade_jeff wrote:

      Spiffolo wrote:

      Yeah apparently the solution now is “upgrade your phone, cause we can’t be bother to Adapt the graphics to support old models”
      sure i’ll just sell my iPhone xs to buy iPhone 11, wish me luck because if it wouldn’t help that means i have to wait for couple years so i could buy iphone 12
      iPhone 11 PRO sould be enough :lol4:
      Estoy dispuesto a darlo todo, a luchar por lo que soy, a ser libre dentro de mi, a guerrear mientras viva.

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    • As many players have no such issues on an X or Xs, it is difficult to determine why this issue exists for a select few people.
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    • comrade_jeff wrote:

      new update now when it’s changed to the enhanced graphics the game crashes same as if I tried to switch off the enhanced graphics, so now I can do absolutely nothing in the game, before two months the game were changing itself to the enhanced graphics mod, and then it starts lagging and being unable to turn it off, now even though if i changed it by my own self to the enhanced graphics it will keep crashing, i don’t wanna bother anyone more because i will leave the while games because it seems to be unable to fix it or unable for you guys to understand me.

      That’s my latest video about it

      comrade_jeff wrote:

      freezy wrote:


      it appears as if you are currently not using the enhanced graphics, but that you are manually trying to switch to the enhanced graphics. This mode is more resource hungry and does not work on all devices, especially older mobile devices. If the system detects performance issues on such devices, it automatically switches back to the non-enhanced graphics. It seems that this is happening here.

      The solution would be either to play on a newer more powerful device or play on the non-enhanced graphics until we made further performance improvements (which we are still working on).
      iPhone x and xs are apple’s latest devices
      Hi, if you are still reading this:

      I watched your videos but still cannot really conclude what is going on. You play the game in the non-enhanced graphics version (internally we call it "Canvas"). It then seems as if the game reloads when you try to open the province list, but the game still reloads with the non-enhanced graphics version. At no stage in your video did I see you playing the enhanced graphics version (we call it "WebGL").

      Do you perhaps accidentally think that the non-enhanced graphics version is the enhanced graphics version? (that's why I wrote my previous post in the way I did).

      In our internal tests we did not see any problems with Iphone X and XS.

      Can you please try to play the game in your mobile browser? Just go to on your phone and login with your account (you have to set a password in your app account settings first if you did not already do so). Maybe then it works for you?