Getting ganged up on

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    • Getting ganged up on

      Ever just... minded your own business on day 1 playing Syria and all of a sudden Iraq attacks you and you're like "Ok, I'll just crush this man with a counter-attack after this."
      The next day, you wake up to see that Iraq's troops have died and you execute operation flip table. Then, a Opportunist from the north comes along and you're like "Damn, looks like I'll need to uSe gOlD to save my city." So you spend 2k on 2 infantry divisions and counter attack Turkey that tried to take advantage of your weakness and crush his 5 unit stack that invaded one of your core provinces. You succeed in crushing both Iraq and Turkey. "Alright, we've gone to a rough start... but I think I'll make it." Alas, there comes another competitor, "Ah damn, here we go again." Once again, you do the exact same strategy. Operation flip table: Electric Boogaloo, he attacks your cores with infantry on them, you counter-attack after his units dies. And at the end of the day, you gain 2 new ICs from Turkey, a Iraq that has all of his cities devastated and a Saudi Arabia that is struggling but still has a 5 stack left.
      You breathe a sigh of relief and thought to yourself " Oh man, I crushed these fools. Time to tell about my victories in the Middle east before sleeping." You finish writing your sentence worth of an article and went to sleep.
      The VERY next day, you woke up and decide to check up on the progress of the squashing of the last remaining armies of the nations that dare attack the great Syria. Then, you see a handful of articles icons. You decide to check it because you really had nothing to do but watch paint dry. So, you open it up. Guess what? You get ganged on again. This time: Annons and unpleasant messages from the defeated nations you had so easily crushed. You wondered what wrong you ever did? Is it because of the shameless crushing of the newbies? Is it because you boasted too much? Or is it because your opponents were too afraid of you and decided to try to instigate other nations to attack you? Nevertheless, you decide to join a coalition called "The Steel Pact" (Yes, very original name, tell that to the ones who made the coalition.) to ensure the safety of your nations and your citizens
      The moral of the story? It's to get ganked on by a bunch of newbies and steal their land, increasing the amount of land you own by threefold and getting to the top of the leaderboard in points. Thus, pissing off a bunch of other people and intimidating them in the process.
      "Overly complicated operations right now are overrated. Head in straight on and you'll win. Just grow some balls."
      • First of all, don't shout in the newspaper because it draws attention and makes you a target.
      • Anyone who has a lot of VP in the first days will get noticed by the others.
      • It's a common tactic: "When two dogs fight for a bone, the third takes it home." I often take over two countries that killed each other and walk away with the big prize without any losses.
      • Don't join a coalition too early as well. Coalitions tend to clash with each other as they are natural enemies. When you are not in a coalition you are less of a threat and less likely to be attacked by another coalition. Many coalitions fall apart after a few days because they lost the fight or due to inactivity. After a couple days you will see who are the most active players and who are the players to beat. Contact those players and form your own propper coalition and you will crush the others.
    • Thanks for the advice. However, I'm actually level 58 and I know what I'm doing. I know it's a common strategy to let others fight first. And I know that having a THIRTY point difference from the second player below you on Day 3 also attracts attention of those who reads the newspaper to check up the stats of others. The reason why I posted on the news articles because I thought it'd be a fun idea. So I did it and what'd you expect? The entire international community wants you dead. Happened on Day 3, so that was fun.
      "Overly complicated operations right now are overrated. Head in straight on and you'll win. Just grow some balls."
    • Yup, I have been in those shoes.

      In an arms race I started as New Mexico. As soon as the peace period ended I was invaded from the south by East Mexico I believe. He threw units at my forts and laid siege to some of my cities. I hunkered down in my forts and waited for a good opportunity to counter.

      The next day West Mexico got frisky and started working up on my west side, taking a few provinces and shelling one city with his railroad gun. I had two railroad guns, but they wern't in the right places yet.

      Then west texas starts working on my eastern side.

      Now none of these fellows have captured one of my fortified and well defended cities, but I was complete surrounded and missing a few valuable core provinces.

      For Texas I managed to keep sneaking my artillery out of my forts and hammering their stacks as they left most of their artillery at home. Some fancy maneuvering past their front line to capture some of their core provinces, and a whole day of massed artillery, and they were out of the fight.

      East mexico met a similar fate, as I was able to come through Texas around his front line, and scatter his forces as they were trying to chase me down. Divide and conquer so to speak.

      Meanwhile my 2 railroad guns had been playing hide and seek with West Mexico for 3 days now, and West mexico was also trying to move west leaving his neighbors to mop me up. Again as I was able to run around in his core because of his undefended border with East Mexico it was at least a fair fight.

      Then to top it off, Nebraska decided that I looked like an easy target and sent thirty or more units single file into one of my forts.
      After all that some people were amazed that I was still playing. I was fairly weak, but I survived being attacked from all sides like that.
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    • BMfox wrote:

      Don't join a coalition too early as well. Coalitions tend to clash with each other as they are natural enemies. When you are not in a coalition you are less of a threat and less likely to be attacked by another coalition
      I agree with this bit, I joined a coalition as Yugoslavia with the ussr and the USA, youd think that being allied with two huge nations would help me out right? wrong, on day 5 I got steam rolled by Italy, turkey, germany and the UK.