How do you open Call of War without if redirecting you to Miniclip

    • Since miniclip is not controlled by us, it is hard for me to give you specific advice about how it works.

      Please be sure that you have a username and password set in Call of War so that you are able to log in, then uninstall miniclip. It might be a browser add on so you have to remove miniclip from your browser.

      Then you will have to clear your browser:
      1) Cache
      2) Cookies
      3)Browsing history FOR ALL TIME

      Actually all three of those items need to be cleared for all time.

      So if you were sucessful doing this you should be able to reach Call of War normally now.

      Please note that you will be logged out of most or all other websites as well, so you will need your username and password for those. You also should not have any "autocomplete" information, so you will have to type out all website names or search for them. If you start to type "callof" and it pops up with "" then you failed at step 3, repeat from the beginning.
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