Change of Flag and Name of President

    • Change of Flag and Name of President

      Colleagues and Moderators of all positions, I think it is convenient to get the flag, and the name of the president can be changed but this can only be done by Players who are in high command and thus make Call Of War have more money for future games and updates for Call Of War and other Bytro Labs games, which seems to them and that would possibly be an increase in gold for moderators who work for the welfare of the game thank you very much. :thumbsup:

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    • Absolutely an idea that would crush the moderators lives. Before you even know it, in a 100p map we have 50 Adolf Hi- you know who, 20 Johnny Sins, 10 Papa Stalins, 10 random edgy names and maybe 2-3 normal Presidental names. Not to talk about the flag: swastikas, SS flags, Por*Hub logos............

      Simply, a solid idea but only in theory.
      Still i am a supporter of „Ideologies" introduction in the game. Even tho you said only High Command, it would still be very painful IMO...
    • Seems that the community is different. Supremacy is a game that requires more skill than CoW, therefore i think no edgy nerdy boys could play that game.
      I personally dont have anything against A German player having Hitler as his president or, interestingly, the USSR putting Tzar Nicholas, it would bring a lot of fun to RP games, but just think about Johnny Sins's and Lisa Ann's that would bring to a map. Honestly, i might be wrong, but IMHO the options would be overused in a lot of cases.