location of sinking

    • location of sinking

      You want to put the location of sinking in the Call Of War 7
        yes (5) 71%
        maybe (1) 14%
        no (1) 14%
      This suggestion can affect many people, since it is a topic that is worth discussing.

      For example: I send a boat from one place to another when leaving the game. The next day I enter and discover that my ship has sunk, but I do not know where or when.My suggestion is that there is a button that shows the subsidence with the name, the type of ship and the date on the map. This would be effective because you would know the place and the time and it will be easier to locate the enemies.For example the HMS Hood- 22: 39- Gulf of Biscay
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    • Urano08 wrote:

      For example the HMS Hood - 22:39 - Gulf of Biscay
      But that way it's already reported in the news -- at the most, they could link the sea area for the geographically less skilled players ..

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