Rationing food supply

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    • Rationing food supply

      Should players gain the ability to ration food to its provinces? 8
        Players should be able to (2) 25%
        Players should not be able to (6) 75%
      One thing that is usually consistent with the games I've played is a lack of food supply. Generally the majority of my food goes to newly captured provinces which can very quickly increase your own demand for food. This is part of the game, Call of War is as much a game about planning appropriately as it is a fighting game. However, I believe that lessening the burden of demand for food in the provinces would make the game more enjoyable. In order to allow players more freedom of action in regards to maintaining food supply for armies, I propose a simple solution. That there should be an ability to ration food supply for any provinces of your choosing. This would lessen the demand of food in that particular province but also come with some drawbacks. For example, morale might be sacrificed, resource output, or a combination of these.

      What do you guys think?
    • I always have food too much and sell it. You probably train too much infantry so you get food problems, switching off your barracks also helps. The best is upgrade Industrial complexes and infrastructure. Infrastructure level 3 and Industrial complex level five give each 50% extra resources so you can double your production. Check the community written guides about how to build a strong economy. Once you have a good economy and a good balance between infantry, armor and other branches then you won't have food problems again.
    • Also never had problems with food, on the contrary, I've always been able to sell food surpluses on the market >> good for to buy other always usable ressources as building material or finance spies. :thumbup:

      A rationing option would very likely negatively impact the food business -- voted no. ;)

      Browser games are an ingenious business idea to lure out money ..
      ..... >> more or less cleverly camouflaged as a real game <<
      .... .. so beware of caltrops, spring-guns and booby traps. :00008185:
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    • I really never have food troubles. There is no reason to have a shortage, you can easily plan ahead. The only time I really ever spam food hungry troops is in early game infantry fights, and in that case you can just expand more. In historical, you can just find a way or buy it. You basically already ration food when you're running out, and get the same reduced production and morale you're talking about.