Nukes makes no damage, why?

    • Gen.Tetrus wrote:

      Like in title - why my nukes makes no visible damage to my enemy?
      I sended 3 bare nukes and one nuke plane no of them makes no damage.
      What is going on?
      That nuclear bombers cause no harm can easily happen ..
      That nuclear rockets cause no harm would be possible at sea, but at land maybe a bug ..
      But >>

      Did you send nuclear rockets to a recon image and then possibly have not re-observed the target area and you see still the old recon image? Then you should check (eg by planes) on the target area again, and also check the newspaper ..
      .. and read this post:
      >> <<

      Or did you shoot nuclear rockets at moving sea targets?
      Then maybe this post brings light into the dark:
      >> <<

      Or did you send nuclear bombers aginst unit stacks? (no matter where)
      Then read this:

      Fighting with planes are always calculated as close combat, meaning attack damage will immediately reduced around the defensive value.

      Attacks by nuclear bombers are calculated as close combat too ..
      .. and if the target's overall AntiAir (values of all AA and units with anti-air together) is about 28-30 or higher an attacking A-bomber will do no damge and be shot down ..

      So note >> nuclear rockets are better than bombers, they can not be shot down >> but in my opinion even better are instead, because all in all much more efficiently, swarms of level 4 rockets.

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    • There have been some bugs with planes and rockets resulting from the newest update.
      I would file a bug report.
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    • Restrisiko gave all of the options. Let me explain it another way:

      Atomic detonations occur a long way from any of your units that can observe the damage. You ALWAYS need to go and see what kind of damage occurred after an atomic detonation with a unit. This is because without a unit there to SEE what is currently happening you are simply looking at the same image as prior to the detonation.
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