Balancing building and producing

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    • Hopefully I'm not one of those people. ;)

      A balanced economy is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of factors that cannot be easily explained. But I'll try to give a few tips.

      Once you start on day 1, you should choose between 1 of 3 buildings. Infrastructure, Industrial Complex Lvl 2, or an airfield.
      Infrastructure will give you more goods and steel, and allow you to create artillery, tanks, etc.
      Level 2 Industrial Complex will produce your units faster, and give you more resources, but you are stuck making infantry.
      An airfield is the least logical, lvl 1 airplanes aren't that great, and it does not help with your short resources.

      If you wish, build barracks or naval bases before you start. Barracks will help a little with production speed, and naval bases will help a bit with resources.

      Usually, you build as much as you can until about day 16.
      Then you have to start thinking about the larger economy.
      If you build too much, your resource production will begin to drop, and eventually run out.
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    • Something I have done in the past to balance units and economic development is this:

      Day 1: construct buildings, and build units with spare resources.

      Day 2, build units, and spend spare resources on economic development

      Day 3, economic development as a priority, units started if resources available.

      And so on.

      Naturally if I end up in a tough spot the plan goes awry, but it helps to have a plan like this that lets you focus.

      one Thing to keep in mind is your target selection. That country next to you that hasn’t done anything is of course an easy target. The downside is that you will acquire unimproved and damaged provinces.

      The better play is to find someone who is building stuff, and blitz them. Then let the ai build up the other provinces and take them later. This goes hand on hand with my doctrine of taking out threats starting with the most dangerous first.
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    • I have only played 6 games in the tutorial map, but have been fortunate to get wins in all 6 (1 solo, and 5 by coalition- it's more fun). Early in the game I try to develop infrastructure level 1 and IC level 1 in all important cities (4 or above). That not only helps the economy, but allows you to produce ground units such as light tanks, artillery, and AA units. I also put in those cities fortifications, and airfields that allow interceptors to patrol the neighborhood. War will eventually come, and it seems that by the end of the first week there will be only 6-7 human players left, and the rest of the countries abandoned by the human players will be managed by AI. Beware of those AI managed countries, they are good counterpunchers going at you 24/7 if you attack them. Seen many human players succumb to these counterattacks by the AI managed countries. The game requires constant monitoring thru the day to avoid been run over, either by human adversaries, or AI managed countries that you may have attacked. You may want to trade excess goods with your neighbors. You may also use excess cash to buy resources. Eventually economic power translates to diplomatic and military might.

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