Notification of completed buildings

    • Notification of completed buildings

      Game Number 2760219. After conquering a city, I have received notices that a structure was completed. when I visit that city I find that their is a structure there, but it is far from completed. This happened twice on two different cities. The cities were conquered while i was offline and i did not start any construction in those cities.

      After you conquer a city, if the previous owner was building something, it will continue to build. This was not the case in these instances, nothing was under construction. Me is confused cause this has never happened in any other game I played.
    • This is the intended function of the game. Buildings in the construction process proceed on schedule, and are completed on schedule.

      Any damage that occurs to the building during the construction process from combat, spies, or province capture is not “repaired” by the original construction order, as the budget of materials and time is specifically for the construction ordered at the start time.

      Thus the building has been completed on time and on budget. Any damage that occurred during the construction process is now evident and will now need to be dealt with by repairing the building from the construction menu.
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