Dawn of the Patriot

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    • Dawn of the Patriot

      Dawn of the Patriot...where do I begin...

      1) Very frustrating game play...you can never knock a person out of the game completely. You can remove him from the board by conquering all his territory...but if one of his allies recaptures the province...it reverts into a province for the guy you took off the board previously. which turns back into another ENEMY to reduce your morale. In this game it is most frustrating. Since the one player was removed from the board, they tend NOT to show back up. And so after conquering the province. his ally CANNOT do anything, such as build airports, or fortifications, etc. At the very least, if this happens, then any territory conquered by one his allies AFTER he has been removed from the board for more than four days, should not revert back to him under any circumstance. this was a big hinderance to a player on the opposite team as he could not advance his bombers or hit my territory with rockets cause one player on his team failed to show up.

      2) four players on my team selected the game to play, but then failed to show up. if the player does a no-show according to game rules, his territory should go dark indicating that it is ok for his allies to kill his troops, take his former provinces.

      3) MIA/AI in this game is brutal. There are three sets of teams, one team took out the second team at the onset and them players ALL left the game, not sure how many showed up to play. Players on his team got bored and left one by one. then the AI took over and along with morale issues, recaptured most if not all of there former territory.

      4) will not spend GOLD in this game - NOPE...not worth it. too many frustrations and most people left the game out of sheer frustration, or hoping they would get the gold at then end...not sure which.

      5) I will not play this game again...one of the players from the enemy team agreed with me and just so we could end the game ( for a while he and I were the only active members, and we were fighting each other ) decided to declare peace and take out the AI and hopefully end the game. he and i both agree, we will never play that game again.

      6) overall bad experience - one player on my team is active, but he does nothing to build troops, conquer lands, etc, he is only there for the GOLD. ( I am NOT happy about him piggy backing on my effort ) I think you should award GOLD based on merit and percentages of provinces held. If this player shows up but does not actively participate to win the game...the most GOLD he should get is 1000, not 7000. Since I hold over 50% of the provinces...I should get 1/2 of the total gold...6 playas getting 7000 would be a total of 42K gold paid out. Therefore I should get a reward to match or 21K gold. This would act as incentive to players to take provinces.