Update the Air Forces and bases

    • Update the Air Forces and bases

      Nice to see you all again guys.

      Today I recommend a new form to organize the Call of War:

      Update the Air Forces and Bases
      Usually, I used to put an historical fact for understand the main idea aesily. This isn't the exception.

      In all the modern wars that continued to the WWI, the planes occupied a new important part in the battlefield, either with airdrops, parachutes, and the movilizing troop in air, like the Messerschmitt Me 323 , an example, of hoe the tactics took advantage from the air was the Blitzkrieg. We all must to know or might recognise atleast the word. The Germans looked to the air forces to improve his campaigns, being the first to introduce in a high scale the three troops,( air,earth,sea).

      Well. Knowing about the plans of the germans, the first thing was the air bases. The not accuracy part of the game is, that there isn't a limit of planes accumulate on a single airport. Being one of the guilty, also with the force of when they are patrolling the air, of see twenty fighters, with twenty tactical bombers, doing impenetrable, without AA troops, the zone.

      I propose to change it, increasing the limit of planes in a provinces, at the same time you improve the airport.

      • Level 1 : 10

      • Level 2 : 15

      • Level 3 : 20

      The other thing that I propose is about the missiles.

      The Idea is be able to update the air base enough to can install a new platform to launch it, being neccesary, an missilistic silo.

      The difference to the old form of the airport is that the missilistic silo is a Secret Building, that is research in the secret technology tree, when you improve the missiles to level 3, to be able to research the level 4. This building avoid the posibility to use spies to know about the province Missiles.

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    • It seems like it would make it too complicated. Continue to think along these lines: a city can't really hold 50 regiments of tanks, so then we'd have to have a limit of troops in a single province. It's not supposed to be hyperrealistic, it is designed as a playable GAME with heavy historical tendencies. If we keep trying to make it more realistic, it will make it hard to get and retain players. I do acknowledge the validity of your suggestion, but I think it wouldn't add enough to the game for the level of complexity it would bring.