Introducing The Team League

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    • Introducing The Team League

      A brand new community event is starting July first.

      Your EN server support team has crafted a new event designed for teams of 4 players. We expect people to form a team and sign up together. You can be a formal alliance or simply a group that wishes to play together.

      We are looking for 9 teams of four players each. The game will be played on the 50 player American homefront map with each team starting together in an assigned area. The idea is that each team starts together and has an enemy team on each side, the ocean at their back, and some AI territory up for grabs in the middle. Of course there is a little variation between locations as the map is not a geometric shape.

      This is the preliminary layout, actual layout may change slightly.

      A complete list of the rules will be posted soon. Here is the summary:

      1) Gold use is not allowed. As this is an official tournament it is a gold free game. Gold use will be monitored by the support team.

      2). One day AI peace, two days player peace period

      3) Teams may not work together. This event is designed for only one team to win.

      4). Each player must form or join a coalition with the team they signed up with, and may not leave that coalition.

      Please sign your team up in this thread before June 30th.…-team-league-july-signup/
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