Submarine Fire Control

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    • Submarine Fire Control

      Let's face it the High Command feature "Fire Control" for submarines is redundant! None of the current fire controls change any aspect to submarine warfare as opposed to a non High Command account. After much experience with the game and the players thereof I believe players would agree that the submarine fire control feature needs improvement. The main fire control features we are reviewing are the "hold fire" and "aggressive" commands.
      The first suggestion for submarines fire control is the aggressive command. Just as artillery on aggressive has the ability to attack the nearest target within its range, a submarine on aggressive should also have the ability to attack a ship that it gains a reading on. That would either mean a submarine on aggressive automatically changes its course to intercept and attack a vessel within it's proximity or otherwise attack any ships other than a Right of Way or Shared Map relation, or both. That implementation would reflect a navy that is protecting its territorial waters.
      Also currently the hold fire feature does not seem yo change anything compared to non High Command accounts. I suggest that the hold fire command do just that, hold it's fire. That means a submarine on hold fire would be able to cross paths with an opponents vessel without engaging in combat unless first spotted by the opponent via naval bombers or reveal armies and subsequently attacked by the opponent. This would be relative to submarines that are shadowing a target but not wanting to attack without receiving a direct order. Please review these suggestions of an experienced high command player, I am sure that these amendments would add to the intrigue of high command and the overall enjoyment of the game. Thank your for your time and consideration.

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    • Hold fire is already quite valuable for submarines. It allows the sub to either lie on the ocean floor and allow targets to pass by, or allows it to slip underneath a battle or a ship at war and continue on the set path. Indeed it does act much like you suggest it should

      Aggressive currently means it will halt movement and engage any unit it encounters, including an enemy submarine, even without being spotted by a spy or naval bomber.

      A “follow” setting would be awesome, simply keep another unit in sight and follow along to see where it goes.

      Your additional suggestion is similar to others, which I call a “blockade” suggestion, which would attack any without right of way / share map that venture across. Definitely near the top of my list of desired features.
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    • Yes! Thank you for your prompt reply @VorlonFCW. The aggresive feauture "blockade" is mostly what I would like to see. I also think that a "follow" or "shadowing" would make for very fun and interesting game play. Thanks for correcting me on the "hold fire" command, I was prevuiously told if a submarine on hold fire crosses paths with a waring nations ship they engage in combat.
    • Imho very useful. I can set my artillery to 'aggressive fire' and send them walking. when they come upon an enemy they stop and fire until dead and then continue. This is a simplified use of this tactic. There are other factors involved.

      As for subs, you can set them to 'silent' and park them off someones coast and the only way to be found is Navy bombers or spies.

      I would really like to see the 'follow' setting for subs. That would be very useful.
    • Although you can emulate all fire control features for ranged units if you are willing to be 24/7 online, the fire control ability for subs is completely unique and, as Vorlon correctly pointed out, extremely powerful (the hold fire).

      One could perhaps argue for taking it out, for been OP, but surely is worth the money if you fight sea battles.