Patrol circle of aircrafts

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    • Patrol circle of aircrafts

      What is the deal all of the sudden that my TB barely do any damage. It seems like the more the unit is in the center of patrol circle the more damage it does. Also notices that stacking it with IC and using their edge of the patrol circle doesnt do anything at all anymore.

      Before I could have tb and ic stacked and since ic has bigger patrol circle even at edge of the patrol circle it was doing a lot of damge.

      I did not see any updates where this got changed and this got changed in the last week. Since last game this strategy was working.
    • Greetings General,

      Thank you for your report.

      This is a known issue and is currently being worked on by the developers.

      Currently the attack radius of tactical bombers is not as large as the colored circle indicates. The planes will work properly when the target is closer to the center of the circle. This generally is only an issue when planes with different patrol circle diameters are grouped together.

      We do understand your frustration. Bugs can be difficult to correct, but please know we are doing our best to make the game bug free.
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