IDEA: An actual event calendar?

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    • IDEA: An actual event calendar?

      OK, hear me out:

      I actually really like events in Call of War. One of the things I appreciate is that I can keep tabs on what events are going to take place soon, and that can give me something to look forward to... usually.

      However, one thing I have always wanted is an actual calendar for the CoW events, so I know when, roughly, the devs plan to open an event. For example, if a 50 v 50 map were to open up in a month, I would very much like to know that, so that I can be prepared for it. Here are some pros and cons:

      -You can finally find out when your favorite events are going to show up again in advance!
      -Yes, that's kind of it...

      Cons: (well, kinda more like Con without the S.)
      -Activity might decline. Instead of people signing in every single day to see what events are up, people will look at the calendar and then just wait for that day. I can see why that could be a problem.

      Still, it's something I would consider/appreciate. What do you think?