define active or inactive for new players

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    • define active or inactive for new players

      aight, so when i first joined the game, i thought that innactive meant people who were not playing that exact moment, and active meant people who are currently playing, this led to me constantly trying to ask for peace from someone who was not active, and trying to make allies with people who were not active, i recently introduced 2 people to CoW, and one of them also had this misconception
      maybe at end of tutorial say something like "here is diplomacy, you can see what countries are played by A.I, which countries have been played in past 2 days (active) and countries not played in past 2 days (inactive)
    • sorry it took so long for me to reply, I forgot I didn't, what I am saying is that new players (such as myself and me mate) did not know that inactive meant being offline for more than 2 days, we thought it meant not on at this current moment, this thingy in the news would take a while to come by for new players, is not specified in the tutorial, and does not explain what inactive means fully
    • So you really thought that ALL of the other players on your map were online each time you took a look at their activity status?
      Like each time you opened the diplomacy screen during the first two days and saw a green "active player" icon for all Non-AI nations... all others online, all the time, 24/7??

      Sorry, but a complex strategy game can never and doesn't have to be fully idiot-proof.
    • i thought they did not have the cow game screen on at that moment, but may or may not sometimes reopen the game to play, what i did not know was that innactive meant they had not played the cow game for a few days

      what i am suggesting is maybe a text box or something in the tutorial saying "here you can see if a player is active or not, players labeled as inactive have not played this round in 2 days"

      simple comments such as this can never and do not have to be fully idiot-proof
    • OK - if you write it this way, it's a bit more understandable you had that misapprehension.

      And if you say that the icons showing the status of a country aren't intuitive, I'd even fully agree. Because they don't comply with standards in for example chat tools. There indeed a green dot says "online right now" and greyed out means something like "account active, but not only right now".

      Currently the icons are:
      (nation controlled by human player)

      (nation once controlled by human player but now taken over by A.I.)

      (non-playable nation)

      More intuitive would be:
      (nation controlled by human player)

      (nation once controlled by human player but now taken over by A.I.)

      (non-playable nation)