New award tab

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    • New award tab

      I had an idea of something I find interesting. I did not know where to send this idea to the makers or those in charge of the game. But the idea is a simple award tab that shows a players ribbons like how military personnel wear them on their dress uniform. For every game that is played a certain ribbon is given. I would suggest to use made up ribbons to fit the game accomplishments instead of real life ribbons and allow alliance leaders the opportunity to add their members for awards although there are some ribbons players get for winning a round. This tab could be place on a 4th tab where the profile, statistic, achievement , awards
      Right now I'm starting it now with my alliance but using an external website and through discord. But if just an idea that would be interesting. Who doesnt like recognitions right. :beer: more in tales in the making of this tab but yea my realife tab lookalike this . But overall just an idea
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