Need to end this overextended ghost round

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    • Need to end this overextended ghost round

      I'm not fully quite sure if this is a bug or not, but i can't end round 2,684,060 by inactive voting, it's the End Game map and have been running since 91 days now. I'm the only one active and forced to win the round by conquering 90% of the VP, my team the Soviets already have the majority of the VP, but still 262/595 points from winning yesterday (175 being mine). If possible can an admin/operator end the map?
    • Is there no button to quit at all, or does it not work?
      So or so you should send a ticket directly to the support out of the map ..

      .. and while you wait you could maybe try >> cancel your retire, then close map and delete browser cache and cookies, open map and try retire button again.
      Works in similar situations, explained by an admin years ago >> for example, if the retire button has already been pressed while last 2 or 3 players was active and then a player becomes inactive the retire must be "resetted" then ..

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    • Unfortunately we aren't allowed to end maps so the options are to archive it or to win the required VP as retire isn't an option.

      I shall look in to other solutions to this specific case and get back to you.
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