Tips for Oceanic countries on a 100p map

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    • Tips for Oceanic countries on a 100p map

      I'm currently focusing all my attention on a single 100p map where I am playing as Queensland. So lead up to now, most of the major oceanic countries; Me, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and New South Wales; are in a coaltion. Collectively, we have taken most of the remaining land from the other player controlled countries and the AI. It seems that we are in a tight spot right now as where to conquer next. Asia is mostly taken up by active players and their respective coalitions, and Africa seems to be a little more ideal but still has its share of powerful coaltion members. South and North America are mostly out of the question as well. I've already tried sending convoys into Alaska due to its strategic importance in being the gateway to the rest of Northern Canada (which is occupied by inactives and realitivly untouched. I know it would have been smarter to just screen shot the map but im having trouble with uploading by file size
      :wallbash so if you do get through this mess of a description thanks in advance.
    • Honestly depends on your military variety. If you have a lot of Navy then you dont have to be afraid to attack America's. I done it, had a huge navy and small army (50p map), eveb tho it was a stalemate i was still attacking freely and with no stress. I wouldnt reccommend Asia, it is huge and if you defeat his army at ex. Siam, he can regroup and even make a stronger one near Tomsk or Xinjiang. Or, you can use the Sun Tzu's tactic of waiting and baiting.
    • What you are really experiencing is the problem of too many close-by allies. Since you made everyone close to you a friend, all distances to non-friends become large; this happens everywhere on the map, not just in Oceania. In my experience, fighting and conquering nearby countries (or being defeated and starting a new game) works much better in the long run, since you can later ally to more distant partners.

      For your specific problem right now, since you'll have to go overseas anyway, find the place with the least resistance; that seems to be America. Build a strong colony there, with the ability to build forces there (i.e. get IC's with infra, air bases, etc); then look around for the next thing to do (probably clearing the first members of your own coalition starting to go inactive :) )
      When the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded. - Aleksandr Suvorov.