The World Herald Lied!

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    • The World Herald Lied!

      Definitely a bug: Game# 2766154, Day 5 in Tole Bi. Persian forces were engaged in battle with a Turkmen unit already reduced to 1 hp. A Volga Perm AC rolled in and killed the Turmen unit. Perm was definitely the aggressor, but the WH report blamed Persia for a surprise attack. Somehow, Perm’s AC moving into Persia’s static position wasn’t recognized as an act of war.

      Such a black mark on a country's reputation has consequences. It may be too late for Persia, but please correct this to prevent future injustices.
    • Sounds like the Turkmen unit was defending a Turkmen province?

      So Perm killed that unit and claimed control of the province, is that correct?

      If so, then once Perm controlled the province the Persian units were trespassing, and as they didn’t have permission to be there it was considered an act of war, and the newspaper reported it as such.
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