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    • iPhone Account Login

      I would like to play on my iPhone and have been but the Account page refuses to allow me to enter my Account name and password. As I start to enter the password, the data entered resets and it won't allow me to enter the required information to log in. What am I doing wrong or how do I log in with my CoW login credentials in order to play on my iPhone?

      Thank you up front.
    • so you say you have been playing using your iPhone already, but you are not logged in to your Account? Is that correct?

      If yes, then I think you have created a new account on your phone, and you are trying to change the name on that account to match yours in the account menu in the lower right corner. This won’t work because the name you are entering already exists.

      You will need to get back to the beginning page and use the “login” button instead of the “play” button, as the play button will create a new account.

      Are you using the app or the browser?

      With the app you will need to remove and reinstall the app on order to reach the login page

      If you are using the mobile browser you will need to clear your browser cookies relating to call of war in order to eliminate the data for this new account and reach the login page.
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