Transport speed doesn't recalculate

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    • Also, in many cases the "old" speed when the order was drawn is used. For example, when you have conquered a province, other units moving into it still use the "enemy territory" speed. This may be the case for finished research as well. To solve it, just draw the same move order again, and it will reflect the current situation.

      As a side note, you should AVOID redrawing the order if your current speed is lower than the speed at draw time. For example, when you have LOST a province, your troops are still using "own territory" speed until you redraw.

      Afaik, speed is always recalculated for the unit actually taking the dot.
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    • K.Rokossovski wrote:

      Afaik, speed is always recalculated for the unit actually taking the dot.
      The speed is recalculated when conditions change, on the Server side.

      The arrival time displayed on your device does not automatically update. Whenever a province is captured or upgrade is made you will need to get an updated arrival / travel time from the server if you want complete accuracy there. Either redoing the move / attack order or turning on and immediately turning off Forced March will give you an updated time.

      Ogiflezet wrote:

      I've researched LVL 4 (Max) trasport ship, but it doesn't reflect on the current and new transports...
      Pls Hlp
      We have a few other reports of this. I believe it is simply a display issue. This issue is currently under investigation.
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