FIRE AT WILL - Bug or Intentional?

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    • FIRE AT WILL - Bug or Intentional?

      Should this stay like this or change to hold fire? 6
        CHANGE TO HOLD FIRE (0) 0%
        CHANGE TO RETURN FIRE (4) 67%
        KEEP AS AGGRESSIVE (2) 33%
      So, I don't know if this is a bug or meant to be apart of the game but whenever i move my navy within range of another countries unit, even if its just passing it without attack orders, they will open fire. I do not have High Command and it has caused me to loose my navy and start wars with 4 different countries in a matter of 15 minutes. If this is apart of the game its quite dumb, it makes moving naval troops almost impossible as they will almost always cross paths with another unit or come in range of another countries province, please set the normal fire mode to return fire not aggressive ¬ thanks, Unicorn Ninja

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Unicorn Ninja: I have lost my navy and am or getting attacked by several countries, in 2 games, just because i moved my navy, no attack orders on anything, yet i am the one who attacked them ().

    • Intentional, and makes moving warships when not on line even more dangerous (since warships could not return fire when moving under the past mechanic.) Build warships primarily for blockade in home waters seems to be the intention.

      Abandoned countries, where the original player built a navy, can result in some hilarious activities. AI moving warships to attack other AI's warships - highly amusing!