Looking for Alliance Members

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    • Looking for Alliance Members

      Hey all AE 2 is recruiting active players; we are international, but English speaking alliance. If you are not willing to communicate in English, then please do not apply.

      We often play alliance matches and during these alliance matches, we require: communication, team support, and constant activeness. Therefore, if you cannot fulfill these requirements, then please do not apply.

      In addition we are recruiting members that are level 35+ with 1.0 KD or above that are ACTIVE. We all are family here and we stand together no mater what no toxic people allowed. If you are toxic then just do not apply.

      AE2 is the sister Alliance to Amerika Erwatche and both AE and AE2 are in the top 100 Alliances in the world and if you want to join our family join our discord (free) which is linked down below.

      We can talk later in discord (free) down below.