SlayR Alliance.

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    • SlayR Alliance.

      Hello. As our strength has grown in the matter of a few months of existence our alliance quickly reached the top 200 in the world. A few weeks later we reach the top 100. As we continue to grow we cannot accept every player, have to cut a few that do not meet requirements, or players quit playing. It is for this reason that we are seeking one of two options to discuss:
      1.) A merge between the alliances
      2.) Gain another “feeder” alliance to hold those that can’t get into the main.

      We already have a secondary alliance but it is full.

      If you are interested in talking about this, message me ingame I have the same name.
      (Only if you are serious though as I would prefer my messages don’t get blown up by people that have no control/influence in their alliance, so please be the alliance leader preferably or a officer on the behalf of the leader)

      P.S. Thank you for your time. Have fun on the battlefields.