Euro 25 (1939 Historical)

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    • Euro 25 (1939 Historical)

      In the archived discussion of favorite maps, Aeromf made the following comment on Euro 25 (1939 Historical?).

      Europe 25:
      -Resources are very hard to get
      -Imbalanced (but realistic) point and resource allocation
      -Lazy people make boring coalitions of biggest players
      -If all the large players go inactive it's ridiculously hard to move through giant AIs with huge armies
      -No starting occupied cores (china can't use the Japanese occupied parts)

      I agree with all of his comments. On the comment on resources, I was wondering if resources from occupied countries could be reset from 25% to 30%. The game is difficult to play unless you got lots of bucks to spend on gold, as I sometimes have.
    • The historical 25 player world map is NOT designed to be fair, balanced, or easy. It is a challenging map with scarce resources and forces players to plan ahead much more than other maps.
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    • I understand the need for a challenging map, but in some places (e.g. Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and most of Africa) there is nada in terms of food or goods, while in Haiti there is a second city ranked as high as Port De Prince (15 VP's?). May be the map needs to be revised in the future to reflect better VP's and productivity of food and goods available in third world countries.
    • Restrisiko wrote:

      In my opinion, the real problem with the 25-player-map is another ..

      .. the map was extra made so as it is, and how it is good, to offer varied play options and greater challenge for experienced players or for team or alliance games ..

      .. however, for a random accession, especially of inexperienced players, the map was never really suitable and also not necessarily intended >> but since the map meanwhile is created by system only, every access is "random" so to speak ..

      .. therefore I wouldn't change anything (basic) on this special map itself, but modify the access options ..

      .. for example, in addition to the system-generated maps, they should offer the possibility that groups / teams or alliances can "create" the map ..

      .. something like >> somebody "creates" a map, but it not yet can be opened and is not yet active before a certain number of players have confirmed their participation (via a button and maybe with a password passed on by the "creator") ..

      .. so the "map creator" must communicate to find players (teams / alliances / like-minded players / forum / role players etc.) >> which by the way minimizes the chance that "random day guests" or other "professional refugees" will join to the map ..

      .. this way it guarantees also that not every single player can create his own private 25-pl-map >> as it was before and which was one of the reasons to "nationalize" the bigger maps.

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    • The resources are fine in my opinion, but which genius designed the provinces on this map? !!? London, New York, Paris have about 470,000 inhabitants (Moscow 530,000), but every village in Australia (for example) nearly 300,000, Kesthely in Hungary 620,000, desolate Mongolian plains 750,000, Batavia 2,500,000 (more than London, Paris, New York and Moscow together!!!!) etc ... the resulting need to feed everything (food, goods). Here I would see the main problem with resources, not in occurrence but in consumption.
    • One inaccuracy about the map is that 3 countries (Egypt, South Africa, and India) are not shown as part of the UK's commonwealth. Perhaps this was meant to allow more players into the game. However, historically some big battles took place in North Africa (e.g. El Alamein, Tobruk) between the Axis and the Allies. It would be nice if Egypt was shown as part of the UK.
    • Wikipedia tells us that: 'Indian participation in the Allied campaign was strong during WW2. The financial, industrial and military assistance of India formed a crucial component of the British campaign against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. India's strategic location at the tip of the Indian Ocean, its large production of armaments, and its huge armed forces played a decisive role in halting the progress of Imperial Japan in the South-East Asian theatre. The Indian Army during World War II was one of the largest Allied forces contingents which took part in the North and East African Campaign, Western Desert Campaign. At the height of the World War, more than 2.5 million Indian troops were fighting Axis forces around the globe.'