[open positions] Moderators for Czech, Japanese, Russian

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    • [open positions] Moderators for Czech, Japanese, Russian

      Hello folks,

      We are looking for users who want to build the Japanese, Czech and Russian community of Call of War and help the team and the Developers create a more enjoyable game environment. If you are interested send James13t a message from the main site at callofwar.com. In the subject line, enter "Application as a moderator". ONLY applications through mail to James13t will be considered, apply through chat and it will be ignored.

      Please read requirements listed below carefully.

      Teamwork: Communication is the most important trait in a team, that only through a solid team effort is where order and appropriate support is possible. Use of Skype is required, you will not be considered if you cannot get Skype.

      Criticism: You will inevitably make mistakes in the course of your Moderation career. Internal team communications will help you improve your work only through open criticism from the team itself. From that you can then adjust accordingly. Additionally, it is mandatory that you listen to the criticism of the users, because it is for those users and
      the game that you want to improve your moderation.

      Basic Requirements:
      Game Experience: A general knowledge of the game is preferred.

      Activity on the Forums/chat: There are no pure Chat Moderators, because all Moderators must be active on both means of communication from the community.

      Maturity/Professional: You need to be able to act maturely and put personal ideas aside when handling anything that being a moderator has in store. It is for this reason the minimum age requirement is 18.

      Your application should contain the following:

      * Why do you want to become a Moderator?

      * have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game?

      * Why should you be selected? What distinguishes you from the rest?

      * Personal information (Real name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc.)

      ALL information contained will be kept confidential.

      >> PLEASE: only apply through mail to James13t <<

      Thanks to ItsYoungGuns, whose original thread I robbed like a gnome, coming to exchange your baby for a changeling.
    • Darn. I would love to be a Russian moderator. Only problem is: I don't speak Russian. Relying on Google Translate is also a tad bit tedious.
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