capital designing/option to surrender

    • capital designing/option to surrender

      It would be cool to design capitals like putting the Eiffel tower in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin and so on like it would be nice beating France heading to Paris and seeing the Eiffel tower and and it adds more detail and i hope it gets added.

      It would be cool to add a surrender option because if you wanna play historical roleplay like Vichy France or if your losing a game and don't want to keep playing so you surrender your country it would make the game way better and more fun to play.

    • That second choice would be a multi-accounter's parafise. It would probably be really overused and if iplemented, not really historical accurate. Because even when you capitulate you basically become a puppet, and you must obey your master, and not an independent state, so therefore a player would be useless in that situation