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    • There are a dozen different languages that are supported by Call of War. Each of these supported languages has their own server and their own server support team. The maps and all game pages are translated into that language.

      Once a game is started in one particular language it cannot be changed to another language.

      The game chat should be connected to the language server of the game you are participating in, So you will have to join a game in that language in order to chat in that language. ( Although on mobile it can work differently. )

      To change languages on desktop click on the flag in the upper right corner of the main page, and select a different language, and then join a game in that language server. If you open a game that was already running you will find yourself back in that language.

      For your mobile device the language server settings are in the account menu. From within a game you will have to click the world button partway up the right side of the screen to return to the game selection screen. Next click the menu button in the lower right hand corner and select "account" and scroll down to find the language drop down arrow.

      When joining a game that might be on a different language server that your friends are also playing you can search for the game ID number in the search box, and that should bring it up even if it is on a different language server so you can join it. Alliance games and password protected games have to be searched this way anyway as they aren't open for everyone to join.
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