Colonial Cores and More Countries

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    • Colonial Cores and More Countries

      Hello, CoW community. Before you turn away thinking, "Ugh, another player with another 'idea.'" Please understand that this is not some half baked idea and something I have been thinking about for a few months now. I don't think it is an unreasonable idea, but I am sure most players think that. But nevermind that.

      I apologize for the long post in advance, but please read it.

      Ok, so in my opinion, we are due for something new. Not something massive like the 260 player map that was never released. Let's just try to mess around with something we know: the 25 player Historical.

      Anyway, it is in my opinion that it is not perfect. Too often we see the German invasion of France and Poland, the Mexican and Canadian invasion of the USA, the Japanese invasion of China, and the ever so annoying Turkish player who insists on rebuilding the Ottoman empire. Simply put, play has become repetitive. Sure there are sometimes where Poland, Romania, or Tibet wins and Turkey stays silent, but it does not happen as often as it should. Essentially players have become complacent. The same wars nearly always happen in Europe, Asia goes inactive, Africa mutilates itself in border gore and rarely is there a peep out of South America. Obviously, there are exceptions to every case but this is the main status quo.

      Ages ago there was a 'bug' on the supposed fixed version of the Historical map with several more islands and border fixes. In the said map, all provinces were cores, which gave the major empires a huge advantage when it came to economic production. Sadly it was quickly removed and that was that. Of course, I tried to come up with a way to convince Game Management that this could be a good thing because of reasons.
      That is when I got thinking. The problem is simply proximity. There are not enough nations that you can play as that poses a threat to colonial holdings. Yes, there is Indian invasion of Burma and "Ottoman" Turkey, and the random imperial Brazilian movement that happens ever so often, colonies are rarely truly invaded and as such Africa is for the most ignored. And for the most part, Europe does not care, and when they do they can't do much. Yes, I am aware of the development in Libya, French Algiers and British Doha, Hong Kong, and Singapore but I'm talking about Africa and Asia as a whole

      You are probably wondering when I will get to my point but bear with me. Anyway, this is my proposal for something different, yet familiar. Put back in the cores for the empires, BUT, at the same time increase playable nation to ensure more wars. When I say cores, I mean an industrial complex at every urban province and production at 100%

      I know, it sounds broken. The empires will have unbeatable power, but please finish reading.

      In order to counter this massive advantage that only the United Kingdom, France and Italy will gain, the number of playable nations must be increased.

      Africa and Arabia
      Well it goes without saying that Africa is a gold mine when resource production is at 100%

      British Egypt
      Shares borders with Italian Libya and is the gateway to British Africa. The country also has access to Arabia, where invasion to British Palestine and French Syria are possible. It would be very easy to cut off the oil fields of Italian Libya. If allied with South Africa, both countries could destroy the production of British Africa and control major oil fields and goods centres. Alternatively, if in an alliance with Saudi Arabia and/or Iraq and/or Turkey, British and French holdings, which include major sites for French oil and food production and holds a vast majority of British oil, are prime targets, depriving the empires. This country already has five cities and is prime for activation. All I would recommend is to further divide its provinces and provide the necessary resources for sustainability.

      Another country sharing several borders with colonial holdings. As stated above, an alliance with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, are possible in taking down the colonies. This county also needs to be further divided, and more resources must be allocated. The country already has 4 cites which should be the minimum.

      Saudi Arabia
      A bigger nation that is also surrounded by British territory. Not only does it have access to the rich oil fields of Doha and Aden, but it is only a short hop away from Port Sudan, another oil province. As stated before, it also has the opportunity to invade Palestine and Syria. This country needs more provinces, resources and at least 2 more major cities to have 4, but I would go as far as 5 cities. Also a major boost to its manpower production

      South Africa
      Similar to Eygpt, this country is in a prime location to invade British and Portuguese Africa and by extension, Belgian and French holdings. This can be done alone or with an alliance with Egypt and work towards the middle. This country has six cities, is divided more or less perfectly, and has all basic resources. Rare materials could use a boost but that's why we conquest.

      South America
      While this may not have much to do with preventing an "overpowered" Europe, it will help give South American the theatre of war it deserves.

      It has always been Argentina and Brazil pitted against each other. Sometimes they work together, other times one absorbs the other and soon the whole continent, but most of the time it is pretty quiet down there. This brings me to the second part of my proposal. More war in South America
      Several countries are perfect for activation, which will help S.A. be relevant again.


      All of these countries just need more provinces, have more resources and turn some of the already initial industrial complexes into city provinces. The addition of all these additional countries will help spur more conflict into a more or less dead continent.

      Optional Countries
      I know this has gotten long but we are almost done.
      This section is a list for the possible activation of countries that, if cores are tuned on may justify their activation

      I have seen it been requested. I have seen it be struck down. I don't know why this time round would be any different. But here goes.

      The Netherlands
      The mainland usually gets invaded but its colonial holdings usually are fine, until they start to revolt because of AI idiocracy or Japanese expansion but oh well. The mainland already starts with 3 industrial complexes and will have 10 industrial complexes in the Dutch East Indies and 1 in Dutch Guiana. Plus, they will be self-sustaining should they lose the homeland.

      Like the Dutch, Belgium will probably be steamrolled, but if Belgian Congo could have at least 4 cities it would allow for Belgium to continue the fight on in Africa and wreak havoc on British and French territory.

      Even with a Spanish invasion, Portugal could still live on in Africa, although they would need to have their colonies better industrialized. 4 or 5 cities in Portuguese Africa would be enough to rival Belgium, invade Britain or France, or fend off an invasion from South Africa.

      Denmark, Finland, & Norway
      The addition of the 3 countries could mean co-ordinated invasions against the Soviet Union, resistance against Germany, or just a war-torn peninsula with one Scandinavian country coming out on top. All three already start with formidable armies, but Finland and Denmark need at least one more city and Norway needs two, although Finland should have around 6 and Norway 5. All three need more provinces.

      Siam is surrounded by British and French holdings that produce a lot of food and a lot of oil. If paired up with Japan and/or India, the empires will lose out on a lot of resources. Siam could do with more provinces, resources, and up to 3 more cities

      New Zealand
      The final Commonwealth country is situated at the edge of the world. But nevertheless, its activation would mean that Australia finally has some competition or an ally. Both countries could expand and take the Dutch East Indies away from the Netherlands, or defend them from Japanese invasion. New Zealand should have at least 5 cites and a boost to its rare materials production.

      In Conclusion
      This concludes my very long and lengthy Idea that will probably be thrown out without hesitation from Vorlon or some other Moderator, along with his default explanation that this map is already difficult and is supposed to be unfair and so should not be modified and whatnot, but I had already written all of this. If you made it down here, thank you. Let me know what you think below.
      Rule, Britannia!

      Eating words has never given me indigestion.
      -Winston Churchill
    • Hmm... I do like the premise of the idea but what if the major countries that do benifet, like Italy France and Britain and Germany all join together in one coalition or alliance. That will make them almost impossible to defeat. Besides if you wanted to play as the Dutch or Denmark then just play the event All countries all in.
    • Yes, I have thought about that, but remember that that does not happen that often. Does it happen in the current map? Yes, it does, and it is a slow boring game but usually that is not the case. France and Britain will usually team up against Germany and Italy. And besides, the most important part of this change is that there would be more countries to pose a threat to colonies. Chances are, a colonial power will not be able to satisfy everyone and will probably end up losing some parts of their empire. The three main empires particularly France and Britain will have to use their added economic benefits to protect all corners of the globe if they want to keep those resources.
      Rule, Britannia!

      Eating words has never given me indigestion.
      -Winston Churchill
    • I agree that there should be more playables in non-Europe but not with any of the rest of that. Not only would making all colonies be cores be completely ahistorical it would make the colonial powers far too resilient. If I manage to blitz France I don't want to have to worry about them building an army in Africa to come back and invade me; they had their chance, they lost, let them die. Same with UK or Italy.
    • Playing my first game in that 25 player in 39 scenario ... Do not underestimate Brazil as it is ... I took Brazil and split South America with Argentina ... Due to weak US and Mexican players gone inactive, we took over Central America and the Caribbean ... Went over to Belgian Congo (now Zaire) and engaged Italy and Spain, who had overrun French and British colonies there ... Currently in coalition with Turkey and Manchukuo, on our way to victory (Argentina went inactive)... So, in the current map,do not underestimate the power of countries that are not top of the line (USA, Communist Russia, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, France).

      As for resources, I believe that a lot of third world countries are better at producing resources such as food and goods than shown in the current map. Those resources helped the UK to hold off Germany until Russia and the US became allies of UK.

      As for Egypt, I wish that it would have been part of UK empire. In the real WW2, many battles took place in western Egypt and eastern Libya (e.g. Tobruk, El Alamein, etc.)