What are the best troops for a naval invasion?

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    • if you want to get a successful landing, you have to sort of copy of what they did on D-Day:
      1. deploy submarines to the landing sight to spy out enemy positions and also to protect you approaching landing craft and ships.
      2. launch paratroopers on strategic cities and provinces with roads heading to the beach head
      3. send tactical bombers to wipe out troops along the beach head. these will take out the armor units because they have weak defensive stats against planes.
      4. send naval bombers to spot out any submarines that might be blocking the landing sight
      5. send strategic bombers to destroy coastal defenses and infrastructure along the way to the beach
      6. send interceptors and target air bases to keep enemy air power in check
      7. begin to bombard the coast with battleships and Cruisers to cover your landing units and also to damage any remaining units on the beach (such as Anti-Air) or and incoming units to stop the invasion
      this is when your troops will begin landing on the beach and when things get complicated:
      • you will want to get your Infantry onto the beach first because there will most likely be defensive weapons guarding the beach and infantry will be able to over take it.
      • Light Tanks and Motorized Infantry should come next to support the infantry and take out harder resistant areas.
      • Artillery and Railroad Guns shouldn't be to far behind. they will be able to wipe out troops outside of the breach head. artillery should accompany your advancing troops while Rail Road Guns should stay on the beach for their superior range.
      however, this is in a worse case scenario when the enemy has heavily guarded beaches. most of the time you can just do the following:
      1. deploy naval bombers to spot and take out subs.
      2. land your units in one big stack.
      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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