Adversary Teaming with Computer Countries?

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    • Adversary Teaming with Computer Countries?

      Question on diplomacy. I was playing along in one of the tutorial scenario games, doing okay, and suddenly discovered that apparently my adversary in total points had "partnered" with every country on my borders - so he suddenly had share map/right of way, etc. for every country! His places actually started patrolling using all these countries as air bases. And suddenly my entire front is being attacked by units of his originating from multiple countries!

      Seems like bug that you could just join us with every country on the map this way - no coalition/alliance, etc. How can this be possible? This is only the third game I have played, and basically it will be over really quick when the entire world suddenly is his maneuver space! ?(

    • In the diplomacy menu you can change your status towards the AI, such to RightofWay ..

      .. some AI (depending on map type) will also change their status towards you after a few days ..
      .. sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it takes longer, some AI does not do it at all ..

      >> likewise one can proceed in order to come to peace with the AI -- switch from War to Peace and wait
      >> Normal AI only grants RoW, Elite AI even Share Map sometimes

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