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    • Where are rules on coalitions and memberships?
      Does this game have any ethics a player must abide by?
      A group of players join the game. They are all working together. Each joins different coalitions. Thier sole intent is to gather Intel about what the plans of each coalition. Once the teams are whittled down they strike. They turn on thier coalition partners and join forces. Is this within the rules? If so, why?

      Thier justification is that it is espionage. Which is total bull. You have that in the game. This apparently has happened more than once. I have lost all interest in the game. How can I join and have fun, if I am.unable to trust coalition partners? It is one thing to share maps and they turn on you if they are not hour partner in a coalition. That is understandable and expected. :cursing:

      This needs to stop.
    • POORRICh1967 wrote:

      I have seen in the rules for league play that this is not allowed. 2 questions. When is there a league play and if it isnt allowed there why is it allowed there.
      A: You can find league play somewhere on the forums.
      B: Because league play is for people who specifically sign up for it. It is a player run thing designed specifically to be a competitive tournament style thing. Trying to force these kind of rules onto the general population of players would be very unpopular and so the company Bytro does not do it.

      However, that does sound like it skirts the rules for wolfpacking. Go find the rules somewhere and decide whether you can report them based on the rules about joining soly to help another player. I don't think it breaks them, but I'm not sure on that.