coalition and alliance difficults

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    • coalition and alliance difficults

      no matter what i have tried i can't find an option to form an in game coalition. i thought going to forming an alliance page i might could figure out how to start one. i see now that this isn't the case but can't delete the alliance. i have tried my forum forum password every possible way and it won't take it.. :/
    • To create a coalition you go open the coalition menu and click "create coalition" button at the top

      If you are already in one then you cannot create another without leaving the first one. You will see a "my coalition" tab at the top of this screen. Click on that tab and scroll down to "leave"

      ralltcat wrote:

      surely there's a tech who can delete it
      You will have to delete it yourself. If you never set up a game password then as Nem said you will have to leave the password field blank. Your forum account is not linked to your game account, so that will not be the same password unless you used the same password. If you created your account through steam or facebook you don't have a password set up by default, so you have to set one manually.

      From the main page click the settings gear under your name and rank and click the "change password" option. If you have not set up a password leave the old password field blank and set your new password.

      If you have forgotten your password you can check or change your email address there in the same settings window. You can then visit in a private or incognito window of your browser and select the "forgot password" link from the login menu in the upper right corner of the page.

      If this doesn't completely resolve your issue please post some screenshots of where you get stuck so we can identify, or send a bug report from the lower right corner of your game and one of my game operators can give your specific issue a look.
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    • i truly thank you for your help but i will have to slowly try to figure this all out. i am up in my years a bit and wasn't raised up on a computer and my wife who knew alot more passed away last month but 1st things 1st when i hit the coalition tab it doesn't open that up. i have hit that tab 100 times trying so it has to be a bug or something. let me move to see about the alliance issue