Rejoining is worse than inactivity (for the map)

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    • Rejoining is worse than inactivity (for the map)

      Of course inactive players are one of the most common problems referred in this forum. I have no clever idea to solve the general problem, so this post is about a small "subcase" that I believe can be addressed easily.

      The case is based on my experience in my current map. There (as usually happens) a number of players went inactive from the start, building nothing and producing nothing. Then they were taken over by the AI on Day 4... BUT here something even more annoying happened: some of them logged in again, so they were counted again as active, but of course they just logged in, did nothing, and simply it will take another 2 days for AI to take over.

      The net result is that this SLOWS DOWN the game considerably. If you attack them you inherit only a wasteland, and if you wait you slow down yourself. Additionally, the market is starved (only AI practically sells resources there) which further delays developments.

      I believe that this situation can easily be solved: a player not to be counted as "active" after rejoining a game unless he BUILDS something (a unit, a building, anything). I think that most of them are new players, they log in out of curiosity to see how things go, and then log out again. Perhaps it is the email message they received, that made them remember even for the existence of this round. At least, they shouldnt slow down the progress of the game for the others, by just having a look.
    • nemuritor98's proposal would help. But may only be implemented for the first week of the game. In other words if you logged in on a day later than day 4, you must always be able to return - also after 2+ days of inactivity. It happens you don't have time or internet connection for several days. Would be too bitter not being able to return if you already spent many days building up your empire.