Useless Counter Espionage Spies.

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    • No Sticky Keys wrote:

      .. Is this just bad luck?
      Yes - even without Counter Spies, there are small chances of snatching enemy spies, counter spies only increase chances, but it remains random.

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    • I find that getting a report from your own intel spies regarding the location of the enemy spies gives a much better chance of your counter spies capturing the enemy. I have never seen that officially published, so it may not work quite the way I envision, but it seems that if your intel spies reveal the location you have at least ten times better luck capturing enemy spies.
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    • it is very hard to catch intel spies the probability is very low as it is the least risky op they can run, much easier to catch economical and military sabotage spies in that order.

      Also your opponent can move his intel spies around after day change or double up on them meaning have 2 or more intel spies in the same province which contrary to the other 2 types doesn't increase the chance of getting caught on the contrary mitigates the counter espionage chances at least according to my testing dont quote as I could be wrong