I can't get a good country

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    • I can't get a good country

      So my favorite game mode is Historical World War 1939. But in this game, some of the countries start with 90 units and some of them with 9 units.
      But I can't manage to take a strong nation like Germany, USSR and USA... Only Canada, India, Perisa, Tibet and so on...
      Is there a period for game releasing? I mean new Historical World War 1939 game every 5, 10 minutes? I am always trying to be first but it never happens
    • the Historical World War 1939 game has 25 playable countries and 7 of these are "super powers":
      UK/United Kingdom
      USA/ United States
      Russia/USSR/Soviet Union

      For this, these countries are usually taken first, so you have to get there right when the game is released to get a good country.

      With that being said, how do you get there first? Well, this is a very interesting question:

      Staying on the "New Games" tab doesn't work because it never updates that way. The best way to get it updated (the only way) is to refresh the "New Games" tab. This can be as easy as clicking onto the "My Games" tab and clicking back onto the "New Games" tab. with this, the list will be refreshed with the updated list of players.

      Now, the second question has an easier answer.

      It is simple: once one round fills up, another empty round takes its place.

      So in short summary: to get a good country, go into the "New Games" tab and check to see the progress of the latest 25. If it is 21/25 or more full, a new one should be coming out soon. To refresh the page to see the latest results, just go in and out of the tab and once a new round is out, automatically join it.
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    • To get a "big" country in the historic and world maps, you have to very viligant and waiting for those countries to appear. It takes a lot of page refreshing, waiting, and backing out of games that don't have the countries you want.

      But on the same token, trying some other countries can be really fun. Or disastrous. ;)
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    • I'm on my second game on the 39 historical map ... I won my first one as Brazil in coalition with Manchukuo and Turkey ... I'm approaching my second victory as Spain in coalition with Romania and Canada ... So, there is always a good chance of winning if you play well and get some decent playing allies ... ;)
    • This is an interesting topic, as the disparity in starting power between nations is indeed significant.

      Having played both "weaker" countries (Canada and Brazil) and a "stronger" nation so far (Japan, which I can definitely recommend as a choice, it’s killer), my conclusion is that while it’s more difficult then with a big nation, it’s perfectly possible to prevail as one of the smaller nations. I’ve been the leading player both as Canada and Brazil, although it does take some time and the right alliances to achieve this.
      One way to make this considerably easier for you is to ally yourself with a nearby superpower.

      As far as the primary choice of smaller nations goes, I would recommend nation with few or no local competitors, such as Brazil, Australia or India. Canada works well too, but you’ll have to ally yourself with the USA or find a way to get rid of them.
    • You may, whether you can is the real question. Sometimes Japan will get picked by an inactive or aggressive player who will want to attack, so not really your choice.
      Trying to be helpful, If my answers are incorrect, please let me know and provide the right information.
      I am not all serious, will tag along for a joke.

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    • Playing as Japan currently and being allied with Australia, I think it makes a lot of sense. Australia is actually quite far away for Japan to invade, and more difficult because you have to disembark there by sea. Also it’s a big country with relatively distant ressources so not that much worth it compared to more lucrative targets such as Manchukuo and China.

      If you can show Japan your eagerness to cooperate there is a high chance he’ll be willing to make an alliance with you, provided he’s a reasonable tactician.
    • rubinedan12 wrote:

      I cant get a good country
      Almost all countries are good... or good enough.

      Ofc getting anything in America is bad.
      But getting the Soviet Union is a terrible burden.
      Getting Germany is quite a challenge.
      Getting the UK, an island state with spread out possessions, is not really making it easy.

      If the Netherlands and Brasil can win the 'All countries all-in' event maps, then it depends not on the country, but on the player. No matter which map.
    • I agree with Pontus assessment, except about that anything in America is bad ... Just started playing a game with the US (allied with Canada and Brasil) and I got a good feeling about it. It's just that patience is required to develop IC's, infrastructure, and air bases ... The same applies to Brazil, with whom I won the first game in this 39 historical map in a coalition with Manchukuo and Turkey ... :)
    • Is the USSR really a bad start ?
      My impression is that as long as you manage to negotiate a NAP with Japan you’re good in the East, and can then steamroll Eastern Europe with your numerous units in the west.

      Even if an Asian nation attack you in the east, they have several days and hundreds of kilometers to cover before they can get to any important provinces. Just like in real life one of the biggest deterrents against an invasion of Russia seems to be its sheer size.

      Im planning on selecting the USSR if I can soon, so I can assess how well it does.
    • VIRVCOBRV wrote:

      Is the USSR really a bad start ?
      That is not what I meant with SU being a burden.
      If played well, the SU is the destined winner, because of the points head start and big economy.
      However, moral issues, it being stretched out so much, troops being spread out so much etc. does not make it any easier.
      An aggressive Japan is not even a major issue, as it can take only take the empty east.

      And, yes, when you focus on securing your east, steamrolling Europe is the way to go :)