Troop morale

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    • Troop morale

      hi ok im getting confuse as to why aircraft in particular loose morale for no apparent reason. Just started a new game sent 2 fighters and a bomber to attack 3 light tanks no issues sent em back again returned doing no damage as unit had moved out of range morale still at 100% on return. Split units send bomber alone notice its now at 90% upon departure checked the fighters they at 95% tanks obviously dont carry anti aircraft guns and ive never known one to shoot a plane out of the sky so can someone explain whats happened please. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
    • Just because they don't have AA guns doesn't mean they don't defend against aircraft. If you look in tank unit info, they have some limited air defense. Additionally, fighters aren't really made for attacking ground troops.
      Trying to be helpful, If my answers are incorrect, please let me know and provide the right information.
      I am not all serious, will tag along for a joke.