Transportation of Resources and Business Relationship

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    • Transportation of Resources and Business Relationship

      Type: Secret

      New Branch: Transportation.

      The idea is to implement a new, more realistic form of commerce.
      Each purchase must be delivered by a plane, train or truck.
      Depending on the distance of the buyer

      train: It could be used with neighboring countries, being the fastest choice to arrive but to use them there should be a line of stations or infrastructures.
      Cost: Medium
      Speed: 90 km per hour

      Truck: The cheapest option with a low maintenance cost but slowerCost:lowSpeed:70 km per hour (Depending on the terrain)

      Airplane: will be used over long distances with a maintenance cost similar to the tactical bomber

      Cost:Similar to the tactical bomber

      Speed:270 KM per hour

      Relationship necessary to go through allied or neutral lands:


      someone crosses the territory without permission and is destroyed, whoever demolishes it earns half of those resources.

      ¡Vivir con honor, o morir con gloria!, ¡El que sea valiente que me siga!

      Bernado O'Higgins.

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