Can't move specific troops.

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    • Can't move specific troops.

      Recently, I've joined one of the event games (2803689) as Poland and I've run into a strange issue. Since the beginning of the match, I haven't been able to select a very particular stack of Artillery units and move them. Whenever I attempt to move them, I get the error "Server state differs from client".

      Image 1 (I tried to move the Artillery group a bit to the right of the province, which led to that message)

      Trying to reload the page, closing the tab and reopening it, and opening it in a new window hasn't worked in fixing the issue. I also tried stacking another artillery into the group to see if that might fix it, only to have it get stuck too. It doesn't show up when I try splitting the army, either.

      Image 2 (None of the other artillery originally showed up before the 4th artillery was added)

      Sometimes, the artillery will just disappear from the map for a solid few seconds while trying to mak them move, while selecting it, or sometimes just at random when zooming in/out with the map.

      Image 3 (Same spot as the other screenshots, the units are still selected, but they're not visually there)

      And finally, when I select the group of units, clicking the 'x' to try and close the little menu on the bottom of the screen doesn't work. I have to either select a different group of units or select a province and close that out before it goes away, although sometimes I have to do it multiple times.

      No other units have had this behavior and it's been otherwise running smoothly. What can I do about this?
    • You can try :
      Closing any call of war tabs
      Clearing browser cache for all time
      Close and restart your browser.

      If that does not resolve your issue please send in a bug report from the menu in the lower right corner of your game. Please mention the province where the units are located, and that you have already cleared your browser cache, and one of my game operators will be able to reset the server
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