Suggestion: If Paratroopers exist, can transport ships be able to land troops? Or What about them mines?

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    • Suggestion: If Paratroopers exist, can transport ships be able to land troops? Or What about them mines?

      I just have a concept brought up to me being an avid World War II fan and history buff. I have an suggestion to add to the game. The first is the addition of mines. Mines can be used as a defensive or an offensive weapon but the only drawbacks is that it would be produced later in the late in the game. Not too early but where it can be too much.
      Research would be around Day 24 or something where you can either go land or naval mines. Naval Mines would be effective against Battleships and Submarines but destroyers have the best way of eliminating them. Cruisers with the second.
      While on land, land mines would be effective against armored cars or tanks but ineffective against infantry especially just single quantities. But if land mines are stacked more than one together, the effect on the infantry would be destructive.
      However, infantry is the best way to clear the mines with airpower being the second way to clear them with interceptors tactical bombers.
      My second suggestion is that the transport ships should be able to land troops faster rate or produce a landing craft a similar effect of what paratroopers do. It's just a seabased craft.
      Landing craft was first used in the World War I but more commonly used in World War II for assaulting craft.
      I am open to any feedback or changes.
    • Apart from a big no to mines, especially since there is no mine-sweeping mechanism, in fact one could more easily argue that armor shouldn't be able to transport via transport ships Lvl1 - they should be able to only land in a functioning harbor you own, or at least to have to research transport Lvl2 for "light" armor and Lvl3 for MT and HT. Remember that the allies had to create specialized transport vessels for them in D-Day.

      In turn, this means that for a few hours the infantry troops will be completely on their own, as in reality.
    • Mines? My guess is that you are thinking mines should be added in the "Construction" list. Imagine putting Mines into Paris. People would have to be evacuated, the IC wouldnt work, and generally, mining would give no benefits while basically making Paris, a big city and strategically important town into an frontline jungle. It works with every town, because this game doesnt have a trench system: the attacks are made and done in center of provinces (those small grey dots in provinces), and if you construct mines there you have mined a city and it happens on and on.

      Sea mines? They have their flaws too. Now how would you decide territorial waters. British cant just mine the La Manche without French Knowledge, and if the French do so, the Channel would be a literate Stalemate. If adapted, island countries would be unstopabble, and so on...

      Well believe it or not, you can also research transport ships. If you really want them on time, then maybe that will do the task?
    • Mines wouldn't happen in cities though. It would be regarding vast amounts of land or water. Can't do it and I believe there would be a maximum number of mines allowed per land and per sea. Only used for strategic purposes. But you can't mine a city by land or sea.

      well no transport ships should be able to land troops like they did in World War II to the current era. Like what I mean, you can have the option to assault if its not your territory or just land like normal. It would be like a forced marched landing but as a landing craft.
    • mines do not have to OP,they could be limited in that they deal only so many damage points , say 2. So 1 mine will do 40% damage, and thus it takes 3 mines to sink 1 transport ship. A convoy of say 4 ships would need (4 x 5 HPs) 7 x mines (3 x 21). The mine needs to be stealthy like a sub and could be detected by naval bombers or not.

      U could then limit the number of mines laid at one time. So say a minelayer needs to return to a harbour after laying a single mine. This would make it quite laborious and time consuming to build a substantial minefield. You can also have aircraft and submarine laid mines.

      You could also throw in a minesweeper. A minesweeper will remove 1 mine per hour. It does not have to return to harbour after each mine is cleared. Adding a minesweeper to a convoy will detect mines as the can see mines just like a naval bomber sees a sub. Having a minesweeper in a convoy reduces the effects of mines to the ships in the convoy by reducing damage by 10%.

      As you can see mines do not have to be OP and there are many mechanisms that can make them a viable play option.
    • I don't really like the idea of mines, but ya'll can't seem to figure out a very good solution to mines that works with the current game mechanics so I did it for you:
      Mines would be a unit in their own separate class (so not infantry, armour, air, naval, or submarine). For the purposes of research and production they would probably be in the secret tab. They would have a low SBDE so that they cannot be effectively spammed in big stacks, but instead, if spammed at all, spread around a bit. When produced they would spawn as a unit of defenceless transport trucks. You would move them into position then deploy them, turning them into mines much like how Paratroopers work. They would have no attack value, since they could not move, 1 HP, to represent that they are destroyed upon use, and a low to medium defence value.
      The only way I can think of to represent minesweeping would be to give them low values vs submarines and give submarines high attack vs them. I know, I know, subs aren't the historical minesweepers, but DDs are the same class as other ships so there's no way to reduce mine's damage vs them, which is the only way to represent them being disarmed without exploding without creating a whole new game system.
    • There are really many reasons for mines to be a terrible idea. In a game with a linear movement of units (imagine sea units, to see how unrealistic it is) the ability to somehow block the imaginary ONLY path towards a destination with mines is more than a bit funny...

      If there were mines in this game, surely it would start from the land, and not from the sea. But it would be again quite funny, for similar reasons.
    • Captain Hurricane wrote:

      thought my solution was adequate :(
      It would require far too many new game mechanics to be created. That is a lot of lines of code for a single unit that honestly wouldn't be used that much, considering it is a purely defensive one and purely defensive units are of minimal use after the first few days. The only units that have been added to the game after launch that required entirely new mechanics to be created were the carrier and the paratrooper, each of which only required one (carrying a plane on a unit, turning irreversibly from an air unit to a land unit).
      In a more complex game I would definitely prefer your suggestion to mine. However, it would be far more complex than anything else in CoW.
    • there should be a beta version of the game somewhere.

      I mean the point of the mines is to have a different mechanic.
      Plus Mines were used in WWII and WWI so it kinda makes sense to implement them, would be cool.
      it doesn't apply to cities or elsewhere you can't build them there. You can't use it an explosion you only can use them by infantry. It's great against more infantry but single infantry you can take the mine. It's good against tank.

      Also you can't spam the mines everywhere because they wouldn't be effective they are only effective when they are used once for each target.