Confusing and possibly bugged Achievement rewards

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    • Confusing and possibly bugged Achievement rewards

      I have been playing for a couple of weeks regularly/daily (bored, waiting for college to re-start).

      Yes! I have received some awards and continuing credit in certain categories.

      BUT, I get zero credit for any of the "defeat X enemy units with units from the ______ tech branch", or "defeat X enemy units with ______ ."

      As of the time I write this I have killed over 450 enemy units. Many of these by artillery and also many by armor.

      Look at my Tactician and Ubersoldier categories.

      Ubersoldier I have credit for defeating 282 enemy units FROM THEIR the infantry tech branch.

      Tactician I have ZERO credit for defeating enemy units with units FROM MY infantry tech branch.

      That is how it is in every category. I get ZERO credit for kills made by my _____ branch. I do get credit for kils made AGAINST their _____ branch.

      Where are my rewards credits??? LOTS of missing gold here.