The game changed, and it is not good!

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    • The game changed, and it is not good!

      I am playing more than 2 years with CoW, and i realy liked playing with it. I still like the wars and tactics, but i realy liked roleplaying and play the diplomatic game.
      Every bad thing started with the limitation of creating games, the 25p map was the best for roleplaying, but the 22 and the 10p is good too, so it is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem that the game literaly force you to became high command member and pay for the game, if you are not paying, than you cant create any game, your ships will continously attack other players. And that is the biggest problem! With the last update, if you are a coalition member, your relations with other players are limited to peace and trade embargo, so it is impossible to make ROW with all of your neighbour and prevent the ship "accidents", and i didnt say anything about the AI, the frecking AI somehow always attacks you, or you have to make a 3 hour long manouver to steer away the AI ship.
      I understand that the owners of the game wants to make money, but they have to understand that there is some people who cant, or doesnt want to pay for it. Just please dont ruin this game too for money!

      Thank you for reading!
    • Just a note, they have plans to modify the update so it is more of an opt-in thing rather than everyone is forced to use it. See freezy's post here as well as the second part of Arcorian's news post here. Just know changes will take time and while it may not address all of your concerns, the more feedback that is given on a certain idea/criticism, the more consideration it may get.
      Trying to be helpful, If my answers are incorrect, please let me know and provide the right information.
      I am not all serious, will tag along for a joke.
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      Creating games has caused problems because a lot of games were being made next to the ones that were system generated and were not always full. It was also abused by players who wanted a specific country and be on the map first and use it as an advantage to win, which was not fair for the other players. With the game rotation system the available maps will rotate and every week you will have access to different maps. Some maps have been deleted and are being replaced with new events. This way we hope that the maps will be full and that the activity on the map will be higher as players sometimes have to wait two weeks to play their favorite map. Still you can join maps together with your friends. You wait until a new map starts, you give each other the game number and join it together.

      This now rotation system has a lot of advantages for all players to get a better gaming experience. However the game is free for all but the money needs to come from somewhere. Players who have High Command can now next to the scenario rotation of maps create only: road to war 10, clash of nations 22 or blitzkrieg 10.

      For the matter of the new fire settings that cause wars and accidental ship collisions. The thought behind is was to make it possible for players to make a naval blockade so that a "neutral" country can't slip behind your blockade to land on your shores. The implementation of is hasn't been thought trough and has resulted in a lot of problems. The Game Developers are looking for a solution and I for one hope it will come soon.
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      BMfox wrote:

      The Game Developers are looking for a solution and I for one hope it will come soon.
      The solution is to roll back the update. If you're really concerned about a neutral country slipping by your blockade, declare war. That's what it's for, and it works flawlessly. I've done it before and absolutely annihilated an invasion force: 50 units dead in the first day alone. The blockade never broke.

      The problem with game creation? I don't even make games that often. I don't care all that much, to be honest. However, as a FRONTLINE PIONEER, I NEED TO JOIN A GAME EVERY 4 WEEKS, AND IT HAS TO BE A FP GAME. TO SOLVE THIS, I CREATED GAMES. NOW I CAN NO LONGER DO THAT, AND IT MAKES MY MEMBERSHIP TO THE FP'S A HUGE PAIN IN THE A**.