Province Organization

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    • Province Organization


      If bytro were to add a feature to the province overview tab on the left of the screen that would allow a user to select certain province and throw them into there own group that can be selected just like selecting provinces on another continent. The idea is to produce a certain type of unit in one place or even to put another conquered nations industry in their own tab. That way you can see what those provinces are at and how much more they need to be improved.

      - click or click+drag to select provinces
      - click new province organization tab
      - the ability to rename the organized province group
      - be able to access them above where the building lists in province tab
    • New

      For the provinces there is often the possibility to distinguish faraway-close provinces based on the morale (you simply sort the Province List based on the morale column). But, in general, most of the time you are only interested about provinces with a functioning IC (to build units) and/or with specific resources (to improve economy).