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    • Training mode


      One of the most pressing matters of the game is that new players aren't joining the experienced player pool although this suggestion doesn't just pander to new players. I suggest adding a training mode, a mode like this would both help new players get a grip on the game and let experienced players have fun making scenarios. It could function both as a sandbox and as a training mode. New players are told to try out the training on the actual website

      The training mode would allow for new strategies to be tested in a safe controlled enviorment instead of in the volatile player enviorment where one wrong strategy could get you killed.

      Features of this would be
      6x spped boost (or 4x boost)
      No gold can be spent
      Only 1 player versus ai
      Every map you unlock normally also unlocks in training
      You can play any country (even those normally ai)

      This suggestion would greatly increase the player pool, although not all new players will decide to join this mode those that do will hopefully increase the size of the experienced player pool and share their knowledge
    • New

      I have tried solo games before; believe me, it is boring as hell. Even once you get into the later stages of a regular game and everyone else has quit: boring as hell. The whole allure of this game is the fact that it is multiplayer. If you tell newbies to play a solo round they will probably fail to understand that massive disparity in quality between solo and multiplayer and quit in droves before reaching the real game. Besides, the strategies that work against AI are not always the same ones that work against players, so they wouldn't really get much out of this other than an understanding of game mechanics (which is honestly easier learned by just asking the chat than figuring it out yourself).
      There is already a tutorial mode for newbies so that the ones who want to stick around can learn in a slightly safer environment; you can join as many newbie tutorial rounds as you want.
    • New

      I would be a bigger fan for games divided in levels. For example:

      1: 0-20
      2: 20 - 35
      3: 35 - 50
      4: 50+

      Now you have players of level 50 of higher entering a tutorial or a clash of nations level 22 where they meet beginners. This way they can win, boost their stats and win gold. New players get obliterated, having no chance to match and give up.

      The tutorial should be presented more in depth where the game is presented more deeply and the forum where a lot of info is to be found needs to be more promoted.
      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh