• Ok, so is Bytro Labs getting more and more greedy, like honestly it's bad enough that a lot of options as well as stack Training is reserved for HC Members giving them an advantage ingame but also inorder to create New games you need HC which before was not required as well as there are glitches that prevented some people from creating them in the first place.
    • Creating games has caused problems because a lot of games were being made next to the ones that were system generated and were not always full. It was also abused by players who wanted a specific country and be on the map first and use it as an advantage to win, which was not fair for the other players. With the game rotation system the available maps will rotate and every week you will have access to different maps. Some maps have been deleted and are being replaced with new events. This way we hope that the maps will be full and that the activity on the map will be higher as players sometimes have to wait two weeks to play their favorite map. Still you can join maps together with your friends. You wait until a new map starts, you give each other the game number and join it together.

      This now rotation system has a lot of advantages for all players to get a better gaming experience. However the game is free for all but the money needs to come from somewhere. Players who have High Command can now next to the scenario rotation of maps create only: road to war 10, clash of nations 22 or blitzkrieg 10.
      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh