Paratrooper research glitch

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    • Paratrooper research glitch

      Game #: 2,804,770

      So i'm playing Libya and my ally in Ukraine knows that he is about to be invaded by Poland, so I send him some of my reserves (around 8 units). When they were still in transport ships,I researched paratroopers, then for some reason, all of the transports turned into paratrooper planes which then dumped all of my units onto the ocean, making them completely useless and unmovable. None of my units can do anything in the ocean and cant be picked up by other ships. My ally will most likely get run over by Poland if I can't do anything, as he was planning a pre-strike to flank around their border through Romania, but doesn't have enough units now.

      pls help

      Also, is there any way to disband these units, as right now they are hogging up my resources