Poland Shouldn't be Playable Anymore (25 Player Map)

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    • Poland Shouldn't be Playable Anymore (25 Player Map)

      OK, the title kind of says it all: Poland shouldn't be playable.


      Well, for starters, it is damn near impossible to get anywhere as Poland. Aside from being basically landlocked, there's also the part that you are sandwiched in between the USSR and the German Empire. I have not played a single game in which Poland, be that player me or otherwise, lasted longer than a couple of days. Is this historically accurate? Absolutely. Does it completely suck for every single person who plays as Poland? Yes, it really does.

      Now before you dismiss me as a filthy casual who takes strategy games without any real strategy, hear me out: I have tried several times to win as Poland. It just isn't a possibility: either the Soviet Union invades you, Germany invades you, Romania invades you, or some combination of the three. You are the most invadable country in the world.

      I love a challenge: don't get me wrong. I love playing as Persia, Mongolia, Tibet, even as Yugoslavia sometimes if I'm feeling gutsy enough. All of those countries have serious, serious disadvantages, and yet, even then, I have pulled some victories. It's supposedly harder than Poland, I mean, Persia only has 4 industrial complexes while Poland has 7! But it is so much easier to get anywhere as Persia than it is as Poland.

      I wouldn't just go around flinging criticism without offering some potential solutions: instead of just having Poland be playable, why not swap out Poland for South Africa? Think about it: you'd still have 6 industrial complexes, generate a nice amount of oil, and you have 3 coastal cities. Plus, look at that positional advantage! You could steamroll through Africa with virtually no resistance. Best part? You have a real chance at winning.

      If this happened, not only would we stop getting inactive, unwanted Polands, we'd also finally get a chance to see a real power shift in Africa, as well as a playable African country in the 25 player map (Finally).

      After all... at the end of the day, Poland just... isn't fun. You have virtually no chance of survival, no way to fend off the Germans without going on a gold frenzy, and you are just way, way too easy to invade. So why waste precious player slots on a country that most people go inactive with after the first few days? It's simple: don't.
    • The only problem with South Africa is that the only things you can invade are colonies, putting other countries at a serious disadvantage and you without any really good cores to invade. but to be fair, South Africa really does seem to be the other only option. either South Africa or Egypt.
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    • The only way for Poland to even have a chance at victory: Be friends with everyone and be a new Switzerland. Which we all know is impossible. Maybe ally with either Germany or USSR, but it's very unlikely you'll have both.
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