Damage to Aircraft (Bombers)?

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    • Damage to Aircraft (Bombers)?

      Apologize for being a newbie, but curious why my Naval, Tactical, and Strategic bombers take regular damage every bombing run despite the target having no aircraft attack capability listed, and there are no AA units anywhere near my targets. It seems like attacking unprotected artillery in open terrain should be quite effective with planes, but in fact I see more damage to my bombers than I see to the targets. And this seems to apply to all types of targets. I have even seen Strategic bombers attacking fortifications with only artillery emplaced only to see my planes destroyed after a handful of runs.

      Almost seems to make planes worthless. Am I missing something? :?:

      Thanks in advance.
    • Yes, i actually noticed the same problems, mistly when bombing AI. Interesting, often times i would find AA next to a province i bombed. So my guess is that there is AA nearby with pretty solid range, or maybe some interceptors that you dont see. The developers will give you the best answer.

      Also the last time i checked artillery has Air defence, around 1.0?
    • Thanks, I will look at the specs again. Maybe I don't understand the numbers. All units have defense - but I thought that didn't mean they could counterattack a unit - like a bomber. Artillery has a defense, but didn't think this meant it could shoot down a plane! I know artillery can't initiate the attack...
    • So first of all the question is how do you attack with your units, are they single units or are they stacked? As every ground troop defends against planes they will do a little damage but not as much as AA. This means if you have 5 single planes and they attack the ground units will defend 5 times and your planes will take 5 times damage. If you stack the planes in groups of 5 than you will attack with the same force but you will receive damage only once, which means your planes will last 5 times longer.

      Second question is are your planes protected by interceptors? Interceptors absorb quite a deal of damage which makes the bombers last longer.

      Third question is have you overstacked? The ideal efficiency of planes is a stack of maximum 5. So 5/5 interceptors and tacticals, 5/5 ints and strategic bombers or even 5/5/5 ints, tacs and strats.

      Want to know more? Read: forum.callofwar.com/index.php?…ng-some-in-decent-damage/
    • The game mechanics of the interaction of planes and ground units can seem a bit odd until you understand how the calculations are made:

      In all combat, attacking unit uses the attack value for that terrain and against the target armor class.

      Units can attack once per hour, or in the case of planes after returning to refuel (Patrolling is 25% strength of attack at 4 times per hour, to equal once per hour at rated strength)

      Every single time a unit is attacked, they react by returning fire. This counter attack is done using the defensive statistic for the given terrain against the attacking armor class. With planes nearly all units have some minor amount of air defense value.

      So indeed no ground based unit can jump into the sky and chase down a speeding plane to attack it, as that is contradictory to the laws of gravity, and of the technology available in WW2. When a plane is attacking a target it would descend from altitude and slow down, bringing it into range of land based weapons, either dedicated Anti Air batteries, or any other weapons that were handy. This allowed the ground units to defend themselves against the airplanes, but only when the plane was close by, not while it was flying at altitude.

      Additionally the combat radius of most units is 5 km. This means that if planes attack one specific unit, that all units within a 5 km radius are also simultaneously attacked, and simultaneously defend. A plane patrolling overhead will defend ground units within the patrol circle from enemy air attacks, and from level 1 rocket attacks as well.

      One other factor in the combat calculations is that the defender's fire is calculated first, so if the ground units anti air defensive value is greater than the hit points of the plane, the plane will be eliminated before doing any damage to the ground units. This is particularly true with atomic bombers as they can be shot down prior to detonation of the atomic weapon.

      Overall the combat mechanics of planes quite effectively simulate the actual mechanics of planes in WW2. Once you understand all of the interactions it is quite easy to use planes to your advantage, and to protect yourself from enemy planes.
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